What is a Premium Domain?

A premium domain is any domain that is for sale which has been previously registered and is once again up for sale. Premium domains can vary greatly in price from Free, all the way to tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s right many domains have been known to sell for over $100,000. Typically when you buy a premium domain you will also inherit any existing visitors or business from the previous owner. Most premium domains are being sold based on perceived future potential of the business, or value of future sell-ability for that domain name.

Because there are only a finite number of possible .com names, premium names with a .com TLD are becoming more expensive and valuable by the day. The highest valued premium domain names are usually short, memorable, and made up of strong key words

Non-premium domains have either never been owned in the past, or the most recent owner let the domain name expire. Domain registration for non-premium domains, will typically sell for anywhere from $1 – $20 depending on what company you used to buy it from, and the TLD or Top Level Domain

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